Clean-N-Clear Hospitality Services Pvt.Ltd is a leading ?Integrated Facility Management ?service Company.

We at CNC offer a comprehensive and integrated facility management services for corporate office, institution/school, bank/finance, residence, hotel, all type of manufacturing industries etc.


Broadly our services are classified into Operationa & Maintenance, Industrial & Commercial Cleaning & Business Support Services.


To continuously strive towards ensuring meeting client's objectives & services through a strong, moivated workforce. Identifying a measuring each employees contribution, recognizingoutstanding performance, and rewarding them to grow within and ensuring a happy CNC family while enjoying the fruits of success.


  • Can- do attitde
  • Embrace diversiy
  • Share Success
  • Passion for qualit
  • win through teamwork
  • cost efficiency
Year of Establishment 2003
Shops & Establishment Act PS ? II/ 008601
ESI Registration no 35000013260001099
Provident Fund Registration  no MH ? 93535
P.T. Registration no PT /E/ 1/ 1/33/ 8/20018
Branches NaviMumbai,Thane,Pune&Vadodara
About Us
Why Clean-N-Clear?

Clean-N-Clear Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd:All Right Reserved.

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